CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS: Blog en-us (C) CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Wed, 23 Jul 2014 19:20:00 GMT Wed, 23 Jul 2014 19:20:00 GMT "To the Une!" The Catch Motion Productions team is very blessed to again have such wonderful couples such as CJ and Rich!  Congratulations once again to the both of you!!  It was awesome to witness two people who truly belonged together start their new life as husband and wife. Thanks again for letting us party with you all!  "To the Une!"

Church:  All Saints Catholic Church, Hayward, CA

Church Coordinator:  Sophia Keith

Venue:  Round Hill Country Club, Alamo, CA

Cinematography:  Catch Motion Productions

DJs:  Edward Leung and Brian Benitez

Emcee:  Romeo

Wedding Coordinators:  Lynda Nguyen and Christina Duong

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]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) All Saints Catholic Church Bay Area Catch Motion round hill country club Wed, 23 Jul 2014 19:19:17 GMT
"Gotta Show You What Kind of Guy I Am" | Aischa + Dwight It's really an awesome feeling when you hear a story about two individuals who start their journey in a not so great fashion but then they take that leap of faith. Aischa + Dwight didn't start their relationship with a huge obstacle, but they started their relationship with giving each other a chance. One chance is all it took for them to start their wonderful and life fulfilling journey. You can tell that they truly got to know each other as an individuals, and what it means for them to be a couple. 
We would like to thank Aischa + Dwight for letting us be part of their special day!
Reception - Admiral Kidd, San Diego, Ca.
Ceremony - Sacred Heart Church, Coronado, Ca.
Music by Katy McAllister, "Take Me Away", is licensed by


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Admiral Kidd Aischa + Dwight Bay Area Videographers Catch Motion Sacred Heart Church Wedding Teaser Wed, 19 Feb 2014 07:11:04 GMT
"She's a Fashionista..." Happy Birthday once again to Karisza!  She celebrated an extravagant 18th Birthday Cotillion at Crowne Plaza, Milpitas.  The day was filled with awesome choreography and fun filled celebration with family and friends.  Thank you to Karisza and her proud parents to share in this celebration!  Happy Birthday and we wish you all the best to come from the Catch Motion Team.

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]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Sat, 04 Jan 2014 23:23:40 GMT
"Color Outside The Line" | Icel + Anthony
Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and the only one to break our shell is for someone really special to come our way who will show us new things in life, and that sometimes you have to color outside of the lines. This is what Icel + Anthony has taught us. They are an insanely genuine and down to earth couple. We are so happy to have been part of one of their most important day, their wedding day. They have been nothing but grateful to us even though it is us who is deeply thankful for letting us be part of their life. 
Congratulations Icel + Anthony!
Oh and great job on the speech from none other than one of the Catch Motion team member, CP! You brought the highs and the lows, you told the story that made the crowd laugh, smile, and i'm sure someone teared. Great job being a best man.
Ceremony - St Michael's Church, Livermore, Ca.
Reception - Martinelli's Event Center, Livermore, Ca.
Music by LIGHTS & MOTION, Aerials - Instrumental, is licensed by


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Wed, 11 Dec 2013 07:17:50 GMT
"How Come You Know Nothing About Rings" | April + Jordan | Aulani Wedding Fun and down to earth are just some of the cool qualities April + Jordan share. Most of the Catch Motion team have known them even before we started playing around with film. We are definitely honored and we admire their relationship because we grew up with them, and came to understand their very long lasting connection. The wait seems to have been forever, and it probably didn't help that some of us did put some pressure as well. But all in good fun. We are truly happy for you both. Thank you for allowing us to film your beautiful wedding, and out of all places in Aulani Disney Resort at Hawaii. At your wedding, someone said that if Disney is the happiest place on earth and if Hawaii is the happiest place on earth for adults then "we are in the happiest happiest place on earth". 
Congratulations April + Jordan! You may have had a wedding this year but it seems your marriage started a long time ago.
Ceremony/Reception - Aulani Disney Resort 
Music by Marie Hines, Always Been You, is licensed by


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Tue, 22 Oct 2013 03:06:01 GMT
"Totally LEGIT!" ALOHA!!  This couple is totally LEGIT!  April and Jordan exchanged their vows at the majestic Disney Aulani Resort in Oahu, Hawaii.  The day was filled with a lot of SUN and a lot of FUN!  We at Catch Motion are so blessed and honored to have been a part of your day.  MAHALO!!!

Venue:  Disney Aulani Resort

Video:  Catch Motion Productions

DJ:  N-D Mixx

]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Sat, 21 Sep 2013 03:46:01 GMT
"She Reminds Me How To Love Too" Every now and then we come across a couple whose story leaves us with a "aha" feeling. When two unique individuals come together from totally two different worlds and their paths actually intertwine during their daily lives but timing was always a problem. They know of each other through mutual friends but had never met each other before. Then it all comes together in one moment in time and that's all these two wonderful people need to start their long lasting relationship.
Congratulations Trina + Jon!
You guys showed us that it is possible that two different people from two different lifestyles can come together and mold to become one. Thanks for sharing your awesome and fun filled wedding with Catch Motion. 
Music by Landon Austin, "Ready for Anything", is licensed by
All Saints Church, Hayward
Canyon View, San Ramon


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Thu, 22 Aug 2013 06:20:45 GMT
"Catchin' the Booth!" Best Wishes to Jon and Trina!!!   Awesome wedding!! JT720experience!!!  An experience that we at the Catch Motion Team will never forget.  It was such an awesome pleasure to have partake and celebrate with you all!  Catch the fun they had below!

Venue:  Canyon View, San Ramon, CA

Video:  Catch Motion Productions





]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Fri, 09 Aug 2013 05:16:48 GMT
"Single, But Boy I was Happy"  

Meagan + Tee | Wedding Teaser

Before Meagan + Tee ever met they both understood that they had somewhat of an uncertain future ahead of them. They went through life knowing of each other through their friends and family but destiny would soon find them together. Their journey together really inspires us and shows us a true compromising relationship. Their family and friends are a huge part of their relationship. We are very happy to get to know Meagan + Tee and we thank them for sharing their relationship with us.

Congratulations Meagan + Tee!

Venue - Albert H. DeWitt Officers' Club, Alameda, CA.

Music licensed by MusicBed. "Without You" by The Royal Sons.



]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Fri, 12 Oct 2012 07:44:52 GMT
"CatchBooth'd!" To Meagan and Tee!!  Congrats on your union and thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to party it up with the both of you!  We wish you all the best!! Catch all the CatchBooth fun they had throughout the day!

Venue:  Albert H. Dewitt Officers Club, Alameda Naval Air Base

Video:  Catch Motion Productions


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Wed, 03 Oct 2012 15:00:00 GMT
"CatchBooth Gone Wild!" Here's to the Happy Couple, Frank and Monica "STACKS" Jones!!!  This was a wild and crazy bunch that enjoyed the CatchBooth all night!!!  See their wild and crazy photos below!!


Venue:  Eagle Ridge Gold Club Gilroy, CA

Photo and Video by Catch Motion Productions


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Tue, 02 Oct 2012 15:00:00 GMT
"CatchBoothing it up!" Best Wishes to Missi and Marco!!! Heres how the CatchBooth'd it up at their beautiful wedding!!!  It was awesome partying with you guys!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us!


Venue:  Crowne Plaza Milpitas, CA

Photography: Simply Dashy Photography

Video:  Catch Motion Productions

Invitations/Programs: Paper Pichay

Music and Lighting: Macala Entertainment


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Mon, 01 Oct 2012 15:00:00 GMT
"Where's the humor in that?" Monica and Frank are a couple of people who know how to have fun in everything they do... These guys just know where to find the humor in everything....ok maybe just Frank....but Monica isn't too far behind to join in with the laughter!!  They exchanged their vows at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Gilroy, CA and partied hard throughout the night.  Thank you to the both of you for sharing your celebration with us!!  Cheers to the beautiful couple!


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Mon, 01 Oct 2012 03:10:02 GMT
Jen and Aldrin CatchBooth Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Martinez!!  Catch the fun they and all their friends/family had with the CatchBooth!!  Thank you to the newlyweds for letting us be a part of the celebration!  


Venue: Delta Breeze Club, Travis AFB

Vendors: Fisheye Studios, A2 Imagine Events, Centrifugal Force Productions



]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Sun, 30 Sep 2012 20:46:08 GMT
"Would You Like a Cheeseburger?" Monica + Frank | Wedding Teaser

We met Frank in the early years of our would-be photo/video business and to say the least he was definitely entertaining. Definitely someone you want around when you want to have a great time and fun time. Even though at times, we may not have a good grasp of how any wedding day may unfold as it is always dynamic. We had an inkling that Monica + Frank’s wedding would be filled with fun, excitement, and definitely a lot of having a great time. We knew we would have to be absolutely ready for anything to happen, and be on the alert for those epic thrills. We also got to know Monica a bit and it wasn’t a surprise that she had those same qualities of adventure and enthusiasm.

Congratulations Monica + Frank! Thank you for showing us a great time!

Venue – Eagle Ridge Golf Course, Gilroy, CA.

Music licensed by Musicbed. "Counting On You" (Radio Version) by Mikey Wax.



]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Wed, 26 Sep 2012 06:53:53 GMT
"I Should Have Gone..." Missi + Marco | Wedding Teaser

Many people say when they finally meet "The One" that it seems like they both knew each other for a very long time. They just get each other and the connection quickly grows stronger. The unique thing about Missi + Marco's relationship is they actually knew each other for a very long time, straight from when they were kids. To barbies, car toys, through grade school, high school, through gaps between being away from each other and back to rekindling their relationship. It's clear they were just meant to be together. It's probably safe to say that their families played a big role in getting them to start their relationship, and to what it is now... their wedding.

Congratulations Missi + Marco!

Church Location - Mission San Jose, Ca.

Venue Location - Crown Plaza, Miltipas, Ca

Music licensed by Musicbed. “Song For The Suburbs” Instrumental by Ben Rector.


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Sun, 02 Sep 2012 06:06:58 GMT
"She's Like a Dream-girl" Christiana + Nick | Wedding Teaser

From the very beginning, we've known Christiana + Nick before they started their relationship. We are fortunate it enough to have known them for quite some time, and we thought we knew almost everything about their relationship. Needless to say, we learned that they are definitely a passionate couple. What's great about their relationship is that they know the other's imperfections and they fill that gap with the other's strengths. Nick from the start was captivated by Christiana, and from there started their long relationship up to what it culminates to their special day, their wedding day. We thank Christiana + Nick for allowing us to be part of their wedding day.

Congratulations Christiana + Nick!

Venue - Palm Event Center, Pleasanton, Ca.

Music license by Musicbed. "So In Love" by The Icarus Account.


]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Mon, 20 Aug 2012 05:54:10 GMT
Rizal & Kaiel's First Birthday CatchBooth Happy 1st Birthday to Rizal and Kaiel!!  These lil twins know how to party hard on their first birthday by rockin' the CatchBooth!!  As always Catch Motion Productions having a good time at this fun shindig with the twins and their fambam! Thanks so much for sharing your special day with the Catch Motion Team!  Enjoy the full gallery by clicking on any of the photos below!!



]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Tue, 17 Jul 2012 04:45:35 GMT
Melissa and Alex CatchBooth Congratulations to Melissa and Alex on a wonderful wedding!  Check out their CatchBooth Photos below and see how much fun everyone had, including us!!!  Click any of the photos to take you to the full gallery.  Hats off to Simply Dashy Photography as it is always a pleasure working with you guys!  Can't wait to see your images!  

]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Tue, 03 Jul 2012 03:28:52 GMT
"Without You.......There Is Nothing"  

Regina + Brian | Wedding Teaser
Typically you have a Bride and Groom that share many things in common, but no. Regina + Brian aren't one of those couples. They definitely bring meaning to the whole idea of Yin and Yang. They just fit together perfectly and each other's qualities fill the holes of each other's imperfections... whatever those things are. Regina said it best that "they bring everything to the table". Their relationship started out as carpoolers, to friends, to bestfriends, to boyfriend & girlfriend, and to now husband & wife. 
We love, love, love hanging out with Regina + Brian. You are definitely great peeps! Congratulations!
Ceremony Location - The Cathedral of Christ the Light
Reception Location - The Bridges Golf Course
Song licensed by MusicBed. "Without You" by Ben Rector.
]]> (CATCH MOTION PRODUCTIONS) Sat, 16 Jun 2012 07:49:41 GMT